I finally get back on track from being in NY. We had the best time but I loved getting back to my family! I will do a whole post about our trip later and can’t wait to share with you.

I have seen this blouse so many times, so many colors, and on so many people. Guess what? I love it more and more every time! It is a fancy twist on a casual black and white stripe blouse not to mention the other fun colors that I will link below!

I have a really long torso and I get asked about the fit of things often so remember that when you see something on me. Something great about this blouse is that you can adjust how long or short it is. Perfect for gals with long torsos and perfect for gals with shorter torsos because it’s adjustable! I also love the sleeves they are longer so they are flattering on any arm!

I love to pair black with cognac color! It has to be one of my favorite combos easily! It’s classy, works for so many occasions, and is timeless. Here’s my take on trendy items like this tho. They aren’t going to last forever don’t spend an arm and a leg on them but yet don’t buy ones that look cheap. You guys know what I mean every time a new trend starts they cheap ones start to come out and yes, some are good finds but others are just knockoffs. The price point on this blouse is affordable yet a nice blouse and great quality!

I hope you guys have had a great week! It has flown by! But a great one and the Holiday Monday has made it speed by! As always let me know if you have any questions! XO

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