anouska_windowledge_parkhyatt_tokyoTokyo, 5:30am.

Jet lag can be so incredibly wonderful sometimes. We arrived in Tokyo after flying out of New York, with a quick layover in Toronto – after a 13-hour flight and arriving around 5 pm, it was pretty damn hard to stay awake. The trick to fighting jet lag is to stay up to whatever time zone you’re in, but it’s easier said than done. I think we managed to stay awake until about 9 pm and then crashed. But of course, we were wide awake by about 4 am. But this was kind of perfect. What an amazing way to start this Japanese adventure. We rolled out of bed, bed head and all, looked out our window of our hotel room window to this insane view and watched as the sun burst through the sky. This light is just magical, and I don’t get to see it half as much as I’d like to.




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