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About two weeks ago, Michael and I took a spontaneous trip to Cabo and stayed at one of my favorite all-inclusive resorts ever, and today I’ll be sharing my Pueblo Bonito Pacifica review with y’all!

Some of y’all might remember that we actually stayed at Pueblo Bonito last December for a really quick trip! My first piece of advice with this resort is…do not stay two nights haha. That trip was way too short and I feel like we didn’t get to fully experience and enjoy the resort in that amount of time! This last trip was a completely different experience!

So, before I break it down into categories…a few things I love about Pueblo Bonito Pacifica:

  1. It’s all-inclusive. I know everyone has different opinions about all-inclusive resorts, and some of them can be kind of cheap. But, Pueblo Bonito does all inclusive REALLY well. The resort/food/drinks very much still feel like a luxury, and we love that we’re not worried about the cost of food while we’re on vacation. We could order ceviche and pina colada all day long and never worry about the cost!
  2. It’s adults only. Don’t get me wrong, we both love kids. But, now that we’ve been to family-friendly resorts, and adults only…we’re learning what a HUGE difference that makes. The environment at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica is extremely peaceful and relaxing and romantic because of this aspect.


lauren sims pueblo bonito pacifica reviewPueblo Bonito Pacifica is about 45 minutes from the Cabo airport. But, the resort 100% took care of our transportation so we didn’t have to hassle with a taxi or shuttle once we landed. It was super easy!

The beach at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica is absolutely beautiful. The waves are HUGE, and Michael and I both said we could have just stood on the shore, watching the waves crash in all day long. It was so peaceful and mesmerizing. Because of the intense tide, you’re actually not allowed to get in the ocean. So, if that’s a deal breaker for you, then Pueblo Bonito might not be the resort for you. But, the pool is amazing and the beauty of the beach/ocean here totally makes up for that IMO.

The room

lauren sims pueblo bonito pacifica reviewlauren sims pueblo bonito pacifica reviewWe stayed in The Towers at Pacifica which I 100% recommend. The Towers are kind of just another level of luxury at Pueblo Bonito with an incredible view (pictured below).lauren sims pueblo bonito pacifica reviewThe tower we stayed in features an oceanfront VIP Lounge, open exclusively to guests of The Towers at Pacifica; a new beachfront restaurant, Peninsula, which features Baja cuisine; and a state-of-the-art fitness center overlooking the ocean. But…we’ll get there!

The amenities

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The above picture was taken outside of the resort spa, where Michael and I got the most incredible couples massage. If you come to Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, I 100% recommend a trip to the spa because it is AMAZING and insanely relaxing.

The fitness center at Pueblo Bonito is brand new and probably the best resort fitness center I’ve ever seen. The treadmills are in front of a window overlooking the ocean, and the entire fitness center is HUGE. They have everything you need and more, and it’s super clean.

The service

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The service at Pueblo Bonito (to me) is something that really takes this resort to the next level. We had 24hr butler service – literally our own personal butler. The above photo was taken in a private cabana on the beach where we could order any food or drink we wanted at the push of a button. I am not exaggerating! Our butler also booked our messages, scheduled dinner reservations, fixed any issues in our room, and more! But, we had amazing service everywhere at the resort – at restaurants, in the spa, at the pool, and the front desk.

The food

There are three main restaurants at this resort, in addition, tot he VIP lounge in the towers, as well as the bars by the pool, and all around the resort! We had the breakfast buffet at Siempre every day and the food was amazing! So fresh, with an omelet station that I definitely utilized every day!

Peninsula is their newest restaurant and probably our favorite on the property! I got an amazing seafood dish, but everything on the menu looked incredible. We ate at every restaurant throughout our stay and honestly loved all of them.

We also ate at some of the sister properties while we were here. Pueblo Bonito has a complimentary shuttle that will take you to their sister properties and I definitely recommend that! We went to Quivira (the steakhouse) one night, and LaFrida another night – which was like gourmet Mexican cuisine. Both were SO good.

The grounds

lauren sims pueblo bonito pacifica reviewlauren sims pueblo bonito pacifica reviewwhite shirt | denim shorts | straw hat

The grounds at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica are what I like to call “Instagram heaven”. Cacti everywhere, beautiful pools, and really clean/modern architecture. It truly feels like you’re in another world, and gives everything that luxurious touch.lauren sims pueblo bonito pacifica reviewblue stripe maxi dress


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Overall, I can honestly say that of all the places we’ve been…Pueblo Bonito Pacifica is truly one of our all-time favorite resorts. The service, the food, the grounds are truly so luxurious, romantic, and relaxing. If you’re thinking about a trip to Cabo…this should definitely be where you stay!

Thanks for reading y’all! I would also LOVE yall’s feedback about these types of resort review posts! Do you love them? Not relate at all? Want to see more? Let me know in the comments! Always love getting yall’s feedback.

Thank you to Pueblo Bonito for hosting an amazing stay for Michael and me!


Post from: Lauren Kay Sims


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