Three weeks ago, I wrote a post on ‘Building Your Person Brand‘, today I want to drill down a little further from that topic and provide you a few quick tips on how to monetize from your blog based on the personal brand you have built… How many of you have dreamed about this ideal life of traveling the world and at the same time support that lifestyle with the money you earn from blogging, to replace your 9-5 corporate job, and be able to work from anywhere and everywhere in the world? …I certainly have! Having a blog is definitely a step closer for achieving that dream! It is a powerful tool for you to bring your life closer to your dream and help you to work toward financial independence. I have a few quick tips and secrets to share with you here in order to help you to build awesome contents and monetize from your blog quickly.

1. Be Specific with Your Content

There are millions of fashion and lifestyle bloggers out there. It is definitely difficult to be outstanding among the tsunami of bloggers in this era, and some of you might have invested a great amount of time on your blog hoping to create amazing content to attract more brand collaborations and sponsorship. The truth is, there is not easy way to stand out if you are competing against millions of bloggers out there. By focus on specific genre or content on your blog (eg: Shoes, Handbags, denim, petite or plus size), we will become the SME (subject matter expertise) and at the same time narrowed down competitions. Therefore, it would a lot easier for you to dominate that specific market and become popular among the brands, who have specific interests in the relevant market that you cover.

Mistakes to avoid: How many of you have tried to blast out dozens or hundreds of emails to the brands in order to pitch for collaborations and sponsorship, but barely receive any responses? This is not because your blog is not good enough, it is simply because the content of your blog might not be aligning with the specific interests of the brands. Having a blog with specific content would be able to help you pitch to the brands. A blog that focus on beauty products is more likely to be selected by a beauty brand than a blog with generic topic but more followers. This leads to my next point…

2. You Don’t Need a Large Amount of Social Media Followers to be Able to Monetize from Your Blog

To be honest, I have met so many bloggers who have around 20-30k followers on Instagram, but have worked with multiple top tier brands like FarFetch, Revolve, ASOS, YSL etc. How does this work? Well, it’s all about conversation rates. When your blog has specific content, it is more likely to attract followers with specific interests, and once they think you are the SME, it is more likely for them to value your opinion and purchase something that you have recommended them. Hence, this is a valuable measure for the brands, rather than the number of followers have you on social media platforms.

Mistakes to avoid: Rather than wasting time on  how to grow the number of followers on your social media platforms, you should spend your energy focus on the quality content that you will be producing in order to align with the strategy you have planned for your blog, and gaining quality followers who are more likely  to help you to improve your conversation rate. Once you got that right! The brands will start to knock on your door!

3. Reach out or join a support network

Doing and learning everything yourself could be very time consuming and frustrating sometimes. Yes, blogging can be overwhelmed with too many options and too much information sometimes. Having a support network is very crucial. Join support groups on Facebook or Telegram, where bloggers share their information, resources and contacts, and learn from each other mistakes and learn from the short-cuts other people have taken! Tony Robbins once said “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results”. So reach out for the bloggers in your city, and catch up with them or attend events with them together, enjoy the most of your blogging career. Remember, blogging can also be simple and fun.

Mistakes to avoid: Try not to learn everything by yourself. It know online courses are easily accessible and you can pretty much google or youtube everything. However, this can be very time consuming, only if you know what to researh. Huge amount of time could be invested for archiving marginal results. Try to avoid the try and error, by talk to people who have done it before. Not every blogger is selfish and not willing to share, that’s definitely a wrong perspective to have towards the blogging industry. In fact, many of them are very friendly and helpful. I have met many of them during my travel and talked to countless of them in my support group to ask for advise and tips. It has been working out well for me. So don’t be shy to reach out. The worst that could happen is to get a NO for an answer and you can always move on and ask the next person 🙂

4. Take a Leap of Faith

Once you have a strong personal brand and a solid business network, then it is about time to take a leap of faith and start to build an empire of your own. Whether it’s a eBay store; launching a label of your own clothing life; or even start a social media company of your own. Having engaging followers, being the subject matter expertise, and a large network of the vertical supply chain of your industry would definitely help to take your business off in no time! See after all, it is not that hard to create your own dream job if you do it right!

Stay tuned for my Part 3, where I will be presenting you a few guest bloggers and share their past experiences of building their personal brands with you.


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