As some of you might have seen on my latest Instagram post, today I trained the first time again after a 2 weak break. It was so much harder to get up and go to the gym than I thought, the workout felt really difficult (even though I did a lighter training than usual to get back into it). Not only was I really exhausted really fast, the hardest was to overcome my mental struggles and not to give up. During the training I kept telling myself these 3 things: keep going, you can do this, this is the hardest part it will only get easier.

I really felt how hard it is be a fitness newby or to get back to it after a time away from the gym or workout in general. I really felt a fight going on inside of me. One voice was telling me to give up, that it is way too exhausting and I can’t take it anymore. I thought I just wanted to go get changed and go back home. The more I listened to this voice the harder it felt. I started to visualise myself leaving the gym, going back home and being comfortable again.

However, there was another voice in my head telling my to pull through, keep going and not to give up. I tried to focus on this voice as much as I could, but it was hard, really hard! The voice was telling me that time goes by so fast these days that a 1 hour workout will be over faster than I can imagine. It also told me to think about how I feel after the workout, feeling accomplished, feeling energised and feeling so strong that I chose this voice over the other one. The more I thought about this, the easier it felt.

I am not used to having these voices in my head and to struggle that much during a workout. Usually I am so into my routine that I am super motivated to go to the gym and get really happy and excited when I can finally workout. Having these feelings around fitness makes it really easy for me to go to the gym and be consistent. However, after this break I realised that this is not how it is for everyone because suddenly it got hard for me too. Now I kind of feel like a went through a reality check today haha.

To everyone that knows what I am talking about and still feels like that during a workout: I feel you and you have my empathy! I now understand how hard it can be to become fit and especially how mentally challenging it is. I can only imagine how hard it is if you set really high goals and feel like you will never reach them. Thats why you should start off by setting small goals and making baby steps towards them. In the end I can not tell you enough that it is SO SO worth it!

Not giving up in the gym or during a workout means that you are not giving up on your goals, which should be everyones goal in my eyes. Not only does a regular fitness routine add tons of benefits to your life such as better health, more energy, feeling great afterwards etc. But you can feel so proud of yourself that you pulled through and listened to the right voice in your head. Overcoming that mental struggle during a workout is the hardest part but also the part that will make you come out the strongest!

It does not matter how long you took a break from working out, if its only been a few weeks, months or maybe even a year. The most important thing is that you start again, over and over again! This goes for all goals you set yourself, always get back to them and never stop working towards them, you will eventually reach them.

Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you, what you believe remember you can achieve.

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Love, Chiara


Post from: Chiara Bransi


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