New York, aka the concrete jungle, is filled with personalities. Personalities in people, places, fashion, and food. There’s so much to take in and explore. That’s why I’m starting with this post about my trip.

I’m starting with places Marissa Rahm and I explored in the magical Big Apple. We ate and walked our hearts out. This is mostly a post comprised of my Embroidered Vici dress and snapshots from our adventures. Essentially, I’m sharing with you my personal behind the scenes travel shots.

Marissa Rahm ( Riss Rahm Photography)


Brunch at Gallow Green

Dinner at While We Were Young

Scenes from a walk…

Wall art by Baron Von Fancy

Lunch at The Butchers Daughter, a vegan restaurant.

Dinner at Scarpetta (it was too good not to eat before we took a picture)

Shopping on Fifth Ave.