My goal is to be like a boy scout – always prepared. In all seriousness, my Type-A mind can’t wrap its head around being unprepared. Even though I’m focused on Halloween at the moment, I’ve already begun planning for the rest of the year. Namely, the holiday season. You bet as soon as November hits I’ll be decking my halls and swinging into the full-on festive mode.

The end of the year is always crazy. Between Thanksgiving, holiday parties, and any other holidays you might celebrate, November and December tend to be jam-packed with events and to-dos. This year, I refuse to let the chaos get the best of me and plan on keeping my cool and doing it all. Goals, right? So with that said, here’s my plan of attack.





Holiday Prep Tips: How to get ready for the holidays

+ Boost your immune system:

There’s nothing worse than getting sick over the holidays when there’s so much going on. Some of my favorite immune system boosting tips? Get enough sleep, take Vitamin C packets, wash your hands religiously, and always stay hydrated! If I know I’m going to be having a particularly crazy week, I try to limit the alcohol and junk food as well.

+ Get a head start on errands:

Finalize your plans and book any remaining travel you have left. Have guests come to town? Schedule a cleaning before they arrive and family time gets the best of you. Hosting a big dinner or party? Menu plan and prep in advance. Planning on giving gifts? Make a list and get a head start on your holiday shopping now. Chances are some things will be left until the last minute, but if you can get a sense of what needs to get done and what you can start on now, you’ll be better equipped to handle the craziness of the holiday season.

+ Stay organized:

To the point above, now is the time to get organized. Your calendar is your best friend! Make sure to write down important dates, take notes, and keep a to-do list. These will come in handy later.

+ Learn how to say no:

Rather than overcommit, be realistic about how many events you can attend. It’s ok to say no – it’s always better to follow through on your plans than flake or bail at the last minute. As much fun as the holidays can be, it isn’t worth it to run your body into the ground over a busy social calendar. There will always be more events, and nothing is more important than your health and quality time with loved ones.




In the spirit of thinking ahead, this look is definitely created with the holidays in mind! Shades of burgundy/wine are always a fall favorite, but throw in some velvet and all of a sudden you have a holiday party-ready look! This Free People dress is from Lulus and it happens to be comfortable (accommodating a large meal, ha!) AND festive (love love love the dramatic sleeve details). You really can’t go wrong with the selection of dresses from Lulus for all of your fall and holiday festivities!

I’ll be sharing more tips on getting your body and mind ready for the holidays over the next few weeks. In the meantime, what is everyone dressing up as for Halloween?! xx



dress: free people | shoes: who what wear x target | bag: Gucci | earrings: similar

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