I have done a post on my workout routine but I wanted to update it a little bit, add a few more snack ideas that I turn to, and obviously add the hubby! I teamed up with Nordstrom to share with you guys some of my favorite workout gear and some sportswear that Trevor likes to wear on casual days!

I was never huge on working out until I got married. 1.) It wasn’t as big of a thing back then (it’s true almost 10 years ago) 2. Back in my single days I was always filling my free time with my girlfriends, sleeping, and partying! Once I got married it was a little easier to set a better schedule each day and start more of a routine – something that was super taboo for me!

At first, I was lucky if I even got to the gym and really the only reason I would go to the gym with Trevor is to spend extra time with him and in hopes, we would run by Starbucks on the way home – truth. But then I noticed that I actually started to like it and the days I would miss I felt a bit sluggish and my days wouldn’t be as good. Well, that leads to a totally new wormhole of, athletic wear! I mean if I was going to spend time at the gym I wanted to get stuff that was cute, comfortable, and practical. I also noticed I would often spend most of the days in my workout clothes so they needed a happy medium.

I feel in love with high waisted leggings and tanks! If you were to look at my closet now a third is purely workout clothes and I still love it. I also love how much of a trend it has become. It’s completely normal to see people out and about sporting their athletic wear which I feel leads us to our looks!

Starting with Trevor’s – I love when he wears this casual looks! I think joggers on guys are so attractive and comfortable for them and this heather grey zip jacket is comfortable and casual but still has good style. Trev is always a sucker for new shoes (what guy isn’t) and we are a huge fan of Nike kicks over here! These ones particularly are his favorite because of how comfortable they are.

Moving on to my outfit I’m in love with these ALO leggings and this ALO sweatshirt. I have heard great things about this brand but this is my first time owning a couple pieces and boy are they worth the money! The sweatshirt feels like butter! I love the lightweight of it and the bubble arms! I also love the cream color. I’m a sucker for white + black but I feel like cream is good to still stay in my comfort zone while missing it up! These leggings are so so cute! I love the rose shade and the detail but they also hold me in and don’t stretch out! I’ve worn these so many times and also get tons of compliments on them. They also come in black and white!



Other Things I love for my workouts

I often get asked about my workout routine and eating habits or meal plan. My main tip would be, portion control than eating super healthy. Although, I do indulge I try to eat mindfully. Meaning I don’t indulge everyday in a huge Sundae but I might have a chocolate chip cookie or 2 for a treat. A tip I do have is finding self control. I think it’s perfectly fine to eat everything you might want or crave but all in smart portions. Whenever I had banned myself from a certain food I find it back fires. Just knowing that I can’t have something gets in my head and it’s all I can think about, anyone else? Below I’m going to share some of my workout basics and my favorite snacks I have on hand right now.


  1. cardio: I also start with a cardio to get my body going. I aim to do at least 30 mins of cardio each day. I usually walk/run on my treadmill but if I go to the gym I love the elliptical + stair master. I feel like cardio gives me endurance for the rest of the day. Sometimes it’s the only thing I can fit in and knowing that I did 30 mins of walking/running is satisfying to me. If you’re just starting to get into the workout game start small and see what works for you. Push yourself a little more each day but don’t over do it to the point that you don’t want to workout again the next day (been there).
  2. light weights: I like to keep my weights lights and do many reps when it comes to toning my arms. I know everyone is different but this is what works for me. I also like to do yoga and stretch my body while engaging my core at the same time to build long lean muscles (I do this with my arms too).
  3. squats: Guys I have love hate relationship with squats. I love the after burn they give my legs and bum + love the results of toned legs and lifted bum but I hate doing them. Often times I will do a set of 25 x 3 reps and call it done but then I will also walk around the house doing lunges (weird I know – Mason thinks I’m crazy). But really it’s a simple way to get a little more in and if I’m walking around doing things I might as well make it worth it right?

Morning time is the best time for me to workout. It’s not always easy to wake up in the morning and I’m a night owl which makes it a little tricky sometimes but I find if I lay my workout clothes out the night before and have my water bottle prepared it makes the process easier. I prefer the morning because like I said earlier it gives me endurance and energy the rest of the day. If you are new to working out you’re going to feel so tired and drained – this is normal and it will pass when your body realizes this is a routine. I like to get my workout over with and checked off my to-do list. It gives me a right start to the day and confidence that I already accomplished something. The one thing I do like to do at night is yoga and I usually go to the gym for that because it’s so relaxing but that is more of a treat to me and a little TLC.

I don’t have anything revolutionary when it comes to working out but if I could give one piece of advice it would be to find what works for you, something you know you can commit yourself to doing and make sure it’s benefitting you in some way! Everyone is different and although there is tons of amazing workout stuff floating around there nowadays it’s important to sift through it and find your groove. Also cute workout clothes help a ton! I’m not just saying that because I love clothes and am a fashion blogger! They help, they give your an extra boost of confidence and excitement knowing that you’re working out and have a cute outfit on – i promise!

I’m linking a could more of my workout favorites and things that I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys getting their sweat on!

Some of my go-to snacks lately

Beef Jerky (I like the little packets from Costco + so do my babies)

Peanut Butter Toast (mikes good seed bread)

Avacado Toast (mikes good seed bread)

Fruit & Nut Bars

Edamame (kids love these)

Salted Mix Nuts (costco container)

Baby  Bell Cheese


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