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I have not heard from me for a long time. That’s why there is finally a blog entry from me! 😊 As some of you could already follow on Instagram, I recently launched my first own sports collection together with Hunkemöller !!

Can you imagine how incredibly overwhelmed I was when this request came to me? Even now it is so unreal! Seeing yourself in the shop window at once is an indescribable feeling and fills me with incredible pride! This is the best example of how any dream that is so far away can one day come true if you never lose sight of your goal and work on it. I mean heeeyyyy, which girl does not like to shop at Hunkemöller one or the other extravagant and fancy part with attention to detail ??? Anyway, I’ve always been a huge fan of this brand. Whether for myself or as a special gift for a very special person, you will always find something and also know what quality you get for your money.


How it all started:

Exactly one year ago, for example, I was asked if I would be interested in designing my own sports collection with Hunkemöller. Of course, I said yes Jaaaaaa !!!! Since I represent the typical girl, this request fit, of course, like a poke! Towards the end of last year, I drove to Hilversum (Netherlands) for the first time and got to know the wonderful hunkemoller team from design to marketing to photographers and PR. I was so kindly received that I felt directly as part of the Hunkemöller family.


Now it was getting serious and my skills were in demand 🙆🏼 – a creation of the collection:

When discussing the first designs, I was able to bring in all my ideas and suggestions, because they wanted to make sure that the collection wears my touch, so to speak, my handwriting yet remains true to the style of Hunkem̦ller. So we agreed together on the colors, the material, and the cuts. My biggest concern was to create a collection that is a bit different than usual Рa mix of fashion and sport. Colors should be used that flatter the female body and express a sense of self-confidence. It is important to me that those who wear my collection feel comfortable, sexy and motivated! I also playful, extravagant cuts and lace details. So we created together with the design team this wonderful collection, which is currently being presented in stores all over Europe. Even before the launch of the collection, as a spectator of my own fashion show, I could not wait to finally introduce you all! Now you can shop everywhere, both online and at the various Hunkem̦ller stores РAHHHHHHH !!!! I am really grateful for this incredible opportunity and the absolutely harmonious and wonderful cooperation!





Das Event zum Launch:


To celebrate the successful cooperation and completion of the collection, the team organized an unforgettable launch event for me and my dearest friends, family and other influencers. 😊

Likewise, you had the chance to meet & greet with me. Thanks again to all who have come to love me. You’ve perfected my day and for the first time, I’ve been able to admire and shop with the collection before the official launch. Both the unique support of my family and friends, as well as those of you, mean the world to me and make me so incredibly happy and proud! It motivates me to continue day by day and hold on to my dreams.



What significance does sport have for me? :

Sport is very important to me! Although I travel a lot I try to do my workout 3-4 times a week. Without sports, I would be extremely lethargic, unbalanced and under-utilized. From time to time I have to be able to switch off completely and exhaust myself! It just gives me a good body feel, even though it’s hard to motivate yourself again, but in the end, I just regret not having done any sports. So I pull it over again because every attempt is better than doing nothing! The first week is usually the hardest anyway and then you laugh about how hard you did in the beginning! Do you know what motivates me? Find your dream body from the internet and use it as a mobile phone background! Nowadays, when we all look at our mobile phone constantly and several times, our subconscious mind is constantly being reminded of our goal. It is up to us alone to reach the goal we are pursuing. Anyone can do it if he only believes in himself! Often, the first step is to start a new sports outfit by feeling great and not waiting to get into the sport in the future! So I hope that I create this effect with my collection and can motivate you to do something, because if not now when?


I really hope you like the selection at least as much as I do 🙂! I would be very happy about your pictures in my designed parts! So I will gradually share you in my stories on Instagram. It fills me with pride to see you in it! Thank you also for all the pictures that have come to me so far! You look really stunning and I have the feeling the colors are just EACH 😍 !!!

Of course, my collection is still available to you in the online store as well as in more than 200 Hunkemöller stores worldwide 😌


Future plans:

Finally, I would like to announce another, for me incredibly great, news РI will also design the swim collection 2018 together with Hunkem̦ller for you and put it on the market РAHWWW! Can someone pinch me ??? I can not really put into words how grateful I am for all this !!! Since curious, this is really something very special and beautiful! Thanks for your great support!





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