As I’m closing in on my first week of the 12-week BBG (Bikini Body Guide) challenge, I thought I’d share my experience…

I started with the leg workout on Monday. I was actually on vacation and normally would have never stepped foot into an actual gym on a trip, however, I set my alarm and was counting squats by 7:30 AM. Turns out I am serious about BBG and although it was only Day 1, I was feeling proud of showing up for myself. The workout was no doubt a serious challenge. Like SERIOUS. I actually hate working out my legs/booty and have been avoiding it for far too long. I didn’t do as many laps as I wanted. Was I pushing enough? I was also stressing about my leggings. I forgot this was the pair that was kinda see-through — oh boy! I could barely walk when I was finished. Complete jello, but yay, I did it!

I woke up on Day 2 and my legs and ass was sore. They were so heavy. I was looking forward to the LIIS workout, which ended up being a 35-minute light hike around the property we were visiting. I had multigrain pancakes for breakfast. I’m only focusing on the fitness portion of this challenge (no nutrition). By afternoon, I was moving sloooow and my fiancé seemed to be running laps around me as we were packing up to head home.

I was excited for Day 3 because I love working out arms and abs over anything else. Thank god my legs got another day of rest. Once arms and abs were complete, I was on a workout high. I felt instantly less stressed and even started tracking my water intake. Was I even being nicer to my friends and family? I liked this girl. For a brief moment, I was pissed at myself for not making fitness more of a priority in the past. Oh well. As Oprah says, “A new day is on the horizon.”

I ended up making Thursday my rest day. It was raining and with my workload, it all worked out. I will note that I still walked to all of my appointments (even in the rain) so I didn’t feel like a total slob but likely looked like one.

Friday came before I knew it. Full body, baby! The initial excitement quickly wore off as I realized there is nothing I hate more than a burpee. They completely suck the life out of me… literally. I must confess that on Lap 2 of burpees, I switched to squats as an alternative exercise. I felt a little guilty and started to self-doubt.

After showering, I walked 15 minutes to meet my girlfriend for lunch. Woo – practically half of my day’s LIIS workout! I completed the second half on the walk home.

Friday is tough because I’m typically jonesin’ for a cocktail hard. To my surprise, I had absolutely no desire to drink. What’s even more surprising is that I started searching for booty workouts on YouTube. I even got down on the ground and did a few. What? I’m crazy.

Saturday was pretty chill and I walked around the city a lot. Still no alcohol. I didn’t even desire it when I walked by all the cool people brunching on patios and in front of restaurants.

Sunday. Today. I can’t believe I made it. I am so proud I could cry. I think I’m addicted. I genuinely look forward to the workouts even though the exercises are hard. I’m confident I’ll get stronger. I’m already stronger than I was a week ago. Bring it on, Week 2!!!

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