It’s hard to believe that I’m closing in on Week 4 of BBG and will be starting Week 5 tomorrow. WHAT? The time has flown by.

BBG is the Bikini Body Guide program by Kayla Itsines. I am following the program using her Sweat App. I think the app can be a little overwhelming at first. There’s a ton of great information and resources on there to set you up for success, but there’s isn’t a ton of guidance on what to do next. This is because the app is meant to be used as a guide. We all have different schedules and there’s no right or wrong day or time to workout. The key is to figure out a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

Personally, I like to do resistance training in the morning. I like getting it in first thing so it’s done and out of the way. I love doing cardio in the afternoon, however, because it helps wake me up during the afternoon slump. On Instagram, I saw that Kayla prefers to workout at 2 p.m. There is no magic in what time you workout. Just get it in.

This is the schedule that I’ve found works for me:

Monday: BBG legs / glutes
Tuesday: 35-minute power walk
Wednesday: BBG arms/abs
Wednesday night: dance class
Thursday: 35-minute power walk
Friday: BBG full body
Saturday: REST
Sunday: 35-minute power walk

Life happens and there are times when I can’t stick to this exact schedule, however, I always make sure to get in three days of resistance training and fill the rest in with cardio.

I love this program because it’s effective, but not a massive time commitment. Each resistance training on MWF is 28 minutes long. That’s less than a darn TV show!

I’ve seen incredible results so far, physically, but more importantly, mentally. I feel so happy, have a better relationship with myself, and feel mentally strong. My body is starting to look pretty darn good too.

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