Paris Fashion Week: The Good & Bad

Returning to Paris always feeling like a second home for me, there is a familiarity that keeps me at ease there and it’s a huge reason why it’s one of my favorite cities to visit. I arrived in snowy Paris to shockingly freezing temperatures! Snow in Paris? That was a new one for me and for many Parisians, we were simply not prepared for this. Paris usually has a milder winter so I was looking forward to warmer temperatures, however, those did not show up until the end of the week.


I checked into Hotel Adele & Jules which is a lovely boutique hotel that I highly recommend for anyone looking for a charming little spot in a great area! Try to book a room with a balcony, it made all the difference for photos and space. I originally wanted to stay at The Hoxton Paris but they were all booked up, so this cute spot came in a close second and was only a 5 min walk from The Hoxton which is where we often had breakfast.

Jet lag hit me harder than usual and I was really out of it for the first couple of days. Going to bed at 9 pm, waking up at 2 am, I literally attempted working out at 4 am one day!  I had to come back in between meetings and shows to lay down a couple of times so I could feel like a real person for the rest of the day. Overall not the best way to start, but luckily by day three I was getting back on track and the 6 am mornings were much better than 2 am ones.

Guillaume had to stay back for work so he arrived a few days after me and it was kinda perfect timing because I finally had my energy back up by then. We took half a day off and walked around, shooting pictures, cafe hopping and attempting to stay warm wherever we could. We launched at Cafe Charlot, my go-to spot in Paris and then went to the Off-White x Byredo presentation.


I mixed in this Acne hoodie with a structured Sosken blazer, which to me in the epitome of my style. The mix of something dressy with something casual is always a great style rule to stick to in my opinion. It was an easy daytime look to play tourist in while also being appropriate for my fashion week appointments.

We finished off the evening at Cafe Ruc ( a classic French bistro) with 15 of our friends, sipping wine and catching up on the industry, personal life, and the Instagram algorithm. It was the start of a wonderful and chaotic week and I couldn’t help but smile at all my surroundings, people included.




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