As you know, I’m all about a good faux glow. I love a good spray tan but found that you can get results that are just as good (and for a fraction of the price) with self-tanner at home. No one wants to look like an Oompa Loompa, but that doesn’t mean self-tanner has to be scary! It takes a little practice and dedication, but you can get a glow that’ll have everyone convinced you just came back from a tropical vacation with some easy at home self-tanning tips (and the right product).


At Home Self Tanning Tips:

  • Shave and exfoliate – always shave and exfoliate your skin the day before so you get rid of any dead skin on your body. This allows a product to go on smoothly, dry skin stuck on your body will create patchy spots that make it look obvious you used self-tanner.

  • Moisturize – moisturize before applying self-tanner to create a smooth base for the product. Make sure it has completely absorbed before using self-tanner.

  • Use a tanning mitt – you can rub the product in with your hands, but a tanning mitt ensures a smoother and more consistent application.

  • Avoid your hands and feet – these areas of your body absorb tanner more easily and get darker than the rest of your body. Apply a thicker moisturizer or barrier cream on your hands, feet, elbows, and knees to keep them from getting too dark or orange.

  • Don’t shower or sweat right away – kind of a no-brainer but at home self-tanners usually need at least a few hours to set or else they will streak or wash off.

  • Layer product –  this helps you get a deeper color that lasts longer! A lot of people think one coat is enough, but I often have to apply a couple layers before I get the color (think: post-vacation glow) I want.

  • Use a lemon to fix mistakes – believe it or not, this works! If you accidentally use too much or apply tanner unevenly, use a little lemon to color correct. Think of it as an all natural Tide eraser pen for your skin.

  • Choose the right product – my favorite by far is St. Tropez, I love the new dark mousse formula and the golden bronze color it gives you.

Some other products I’ve tried and had good results with:

Bali Body – you can read my review here.

Isle of Paradise – really into the tanning mist, I spray it on after the shower and it goes on smoothly and not orange at all.

Tan Luxedrops you can mix into your favorite moisturizer for an even glow.

Jergen’s – an old school drug store favorite that is reliable and affordable.

For all of these brands, I use medium to medium/dark since I naturally have a darker base.

What are your at home self tanning tips? xx



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