I’ve moved too many times, most certainly more than the average person and most certainly more than I’d say is enjoyable. I’ve been packed up and moved around the world, around the country more times than I can keep track of. Since I can remember (and before that), my parents moved us around from city to city, country to country. Even once we settled in one city we played musical chairs, except it was musical homes. I guess you could say moving was and is engrained in us. First, it was for the job and then a relentless search for the perfect home. Funny to think about. I don’t know if one can ever know what perfect is when you’ve moved so many times. I’m grateful for all the experiences I had moving around. It taught me adaptability and gave me a keen eye for the art of apartment hunting. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel fully settled but I’ll be hell-bent on grounding until I do. Or, maybe I’ll follow in my parent’s footsteps – constantly migrating from place to place. Either way, there is a world of pros and cons for moving around as much as I have, and I can argue both points in a never-ending circle. Alas, that is a different blog post entirely. This is about my current space and for however short stayed a new home may be, the importance of making it feel like home. Settling in, creating an energy that feels comfortable, expresses yourself and reflects your creativity, your personality.

My interior design aesthetic is a bit like my clothing aesthetic – a little bit chameleon. It changes depending on what city I am in, my mood, that period of my life. It’s one of my many canvases. One day I might feel super minimalistic – clean lines, crisp whites, modern and minimal. Others I feel like a bohemian dream or dark and mysterious. Luckily I move so much I can treat each new space as a new artwork.

I am about to move again. I’m 100% not looking forward to the process but I am excited to design a new space. I moved to LA from NYC last October and while I knew I would only be at my current, soon to be an old apartment for a matter of 6 months it was important to me to make a space I felt at home in. Something that was mine, that inspired me to wake up and create. To want to come home to instead of running back to NYC – because let’s be honest, I knew that would be a temptation. Still is. The move from NYC to LA was super easy – first because I left all my furniture there, second because I used Roadway moving – which let me tell you is a moving company sent from heaven. Every single time I’ve moved, something gets broken or things just disappear. This was the first time I hired movers who came and packed everything – EVERYTHING in less than 2 hours. Each box was clearly labeled with a print out ticket including my name, address, contents. I mean the OCD part of me was straight up orgasmic. Everything arrived in less than two weeks, perfectly intact and accounted for. The team was super professional & friendly, they have my business forever.

Most of my furniture was a one-stop shop at Apt2B – typically I like to source pieces over time from different places, have a story behind finding each one. Given the short time I was at this apartment, I knew I didn’t have the luxury of carefully curating each individual item. Apt2B came in for the win. What I love about their collection is the great range of modern, bohemian and eclectic pieces including artist collaborations such as my credenza. It was easy to curate a beautiful space all in one place. Did I mention they have free shipping?! Tip – always start with your bigger pieces, aka a couch – these items stand out in a room and will dictate the rest of your items. Unless you have a very specific aesthetic in mind I always recommend choosing a neutral couch, it allows for bolder decorative items without overdoing the room. For this temporary space, I wanted a clean, minimalistic feel with slight hints of Bohemia and that LA chic. It created a very soothing, not too busy space to come home too. For my next space, I’ll be giving it a little more masculinity and a little bit more bohemian. Can’t wait to show you guys!

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