Summer is full of adventure, mystery, optimism, and spontaneity. We run around chasing each other, feeling our youth or reminiscing about carefree times. Our skin is salty, dewy our hearts worn more on our sleeves a little less buried.  Summer is for lovers, kisses stolen under the moonlight, endless possibilities and roaming the beaches, the countryside reigniting the magic within. Something about summer always makes me feel a little bit like a teenager again until my bills come and then I reminded that I am supposed to be doing this thing called adulting. I just got back from three weeks of travel, It started with Miami Swim week – going, to be honest, I will not go again unless work presents itself with an extremely amazing, can’t turn down option. Miami, for me during the summer was too hot – people were rude, I was underwhelmed by the food and hospitality. I’ll give it another go but maybe during the winter or fall months. NYC was next, home sweet home, well one of them – always a good time but to be honest I spent most of my time recovering from Miami and prepping for my next trip, Greece. Greece was incredible – summers spent in Europe are always incredibly magical. Alas, that trip is for another blog post. One summer essential for all those romantic wanderings is a little denim dress, shop mine here: River Island

Petite dark blue denim belted mini dress

Hoopla Broken Heel Bootie

Fiddler Cap

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