Body Image & Staying In Shape

Time for some more real talk! I feel like social media can be very misleading at times, especially when it comes to women’s bodies. I’ve received a lot of comments in the past, stating things like “body goals” or “your body is perfect” and I’m here to confirm that I do not wake up like this and I have no idea what a “perfect” body even looks like. However, I work very hard to feel as good as I possible can about my own body.


I want to be as open as possible about this subject because I fear if I don’t, other women will continue to feel overwhelmed with the image of what a women’s body should be due to social media. We need to stop comparing and instead just focus on maintaining your own healthy life and doing whats right for you. It may come naturally to some but it does not for me.

I’m not someone who can eat whatever she wants and work out only a couple times a week. In my books, living a healthy life takes a lot more dedication and care and I have to be consistent to see results. By now, you know I’m a crazy heath nut with food but I also dedicate 5-6 days a week to working out and training my body to be in the best shape and healthiest I can with the resources I have.

I work out consistently at my gym, I just started reformer pilate and I try incorporating running as much as possible. I finally realized that being skinny didn’t matter as much as feeling strong and healthy. I finally realized that changing up your work outs is really good for your mental state and to avoid plateauing. Lastly, I’ve realized how important working out in proper clothing is.

The fashion girl in me, still wants to look good no matter where I am and working out is just another excuse to put together an outfit. I’ve been training in these New Balance pieces from Sport Chek lately and I feel so good in them both inside and outside the gym.

I plan on continuing to be much more open about my fitness and wellness journey, as I hope it inspires and helps you realize that it is a commitment but it’s one that has the best results, both physically and mentally.


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